Four questions Netflix made me ask myself.

Inspired by the #talkpay discussions last week, I decided to re-read Netflix’s infamous slide deck Freedom & Responsibility.”

Here are a few notes and questions to ask yourself regarding your role in the workplace. If you’re not employed, get a job ya bum. While you’re at it make sure machines can’t easily replace you.

  1. What is your value in the marketplace? You have to know this. To find out, use soft interviews and your personal network to get a clearer picture.

  2. Would your manager fight to keep you, if you said you were thinking of leaving? (This is a great thought experiment — always think from their perspective.)

  3. Are your skills increasing? They should be, through experience, observation, introspection, reading and discussion. You should always have the opportunity to develop yourself.

  4. Are you surrounded by brilliant employees, and are you constantly challenged?

Too often we aren’t cognizant of our own value, whether it’s better or worse than we think (imposter syndrome and consistently low-balling yourself doesn’t help). Examine where you currently stand. It’s in your best interest, and I doubt anyone else is doing it.

May 12, 2015