Editorialize the web

Product design is increasingly becoming more adaptive, responsive and shakily swinging it’s knobbly limbs with the help of animations. This is great news for the consumer and the builder.

But this happens very slowly. The tech industry will blog about every single iteration to gmail.com yet it’s unusual to see something major happen in your newsfeed.

Magazines on the other hand, will shed their style (usually to a theme) once a month. They’ll hand-craft covers, painstakingly photograph shoots and sprinkle easter eggs throughout the footers. This will be accomplished with a fast thinking team and about 3 weeks. A lot of them won’t have time to flick through that very issue, because they’ll be too busy making the next one. It’s an absolutely insane effort, and a reason why I respect guys like Richard Turley so much.


The whirlwind speed of making a front cover: no A/B testing here boys.

Bloggers gush over little details in apps whilst the clever design tricks of the magazine world go unnoticed to the general (i’ll browse but not buy) public. 

They might not hack but I reckon they move faster and break more stuff than your average front end dev.

June 26, 2013