I once seriously considered taking a job, not because it was a good job, but because of the title.

The title sounded impressive. It had extra words in it that I hadn’t heard before. It was a title I longed to see on my resume.

The job itself was not so important. In fact, it was probably not the right job for me. Multiple red flags were raised during ever stage of the interview process. I saw the flag, but I saw the title too, glimmering just beyond.

I didn’t take the job, funnily enough, because after all that, it was the compensation that wasn’t that great.

But I still think about the title.

What motivates you? Do you ever question it? Do you truly know?

In this case, the sound of that job title, like the thump of a Lexus door closing, was like a powerful magnet that scrambled my thinking.

The problem wasn’t that I didn’t have that job title.

The real problem was the discontent and frustration I felt because I didn’t have that job title.

June 10, 2021