September 18, 2020


Sometimes it’s easy to see why a product is moving in a certain direction. Maybe it’s a brand redesign or a strategic response to a competitor - or these days COVID. Or it could be a simple fix for something that is frustrating users, a little bit of confusion, a little too many support requests.

I’d like to see diffs’, the before and after of new features.

As an example, a sort of proof of concept, I’ve put together a side by side from a new, rather major update from Evernote - thank god they shipped something!

I’m not sure what the best format would be. Maybe a gif, or the NYT slidey thing?

Within the new release, which included several changes, I focused on the update to the new note button. It caught my attention because we had a similar interaction for myfitnesspal, a big plus button that opened up a secondary menu. I thought this was an interesting solution. Text lablel and more physical space for the note button, but also allow users to jump straight to other note types with one tap.

Evernote Download image

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