October 5, 2011


Creative Review is one of the few magazines/blogs that can properly talk about (creative) advertising. The majority are either marketing/pr focused and talk about agency reshuffles that I couldn’t give a toss about, or blogs that just drop the latest campaigns (which are worth keeping up with). But if an ad’s good enough it should drip through your other blogs that you read. 

So, the best slogans ever’ and over 100 comments (no spam)! A lot of good ones there. I always liked rip curl’s the search’ but that’s more of an overall brand statement than a slogan.

 (via Creative Review - What’s the best ever slogan?)


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11080618304 Another hit by Olly that I haven’t seen. My only thought: cut out all the credits, sit the logo on black by itself, and maybe remove the tagline,
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filippominelli.com I imagine these would be very easy to achive with a bit of photoshop/cinema work, but THAT”S NOT THE POINT. would also mean you couldn’t £385 for