Cold Shower

  1. Here’s something you can do at home

  2. Take a shower. Switch it to cold. Like, 100% cold water.
  3. Notice your reaction.
  4. If you are a regular human being, you’ll squirm, curse, jerk and switch it back to hot.
  5. Still with me? Switch it to cold again, but this time, pretend the water is still warm. Don’t change your expression. Pretend it’s the most normal thing ever.
  6. Wasn’t so bad, was it? Felt a bit warmer, right?
  7. Life is a shower. If you you’re lucky, it’s warm most of the time. Sometimes it gets nice and hot. And there’s moments when things get icy. Freezing. We all know what that feels like.
  8. The difference between life and your morning shower, is your control over the temperature.
  9. But you can control your reaction.
  10. When things get cold, don’t shriek and shout. Calm down. Chill. See how that feels.

More on cold showers here.


July 6, 2018