November 8, 2017

Book Review: Win Bigly

Win Bigly - Scott Adams

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Boring, repetitive victory lap.

Content-wise, the way Scott writes isn’t as hypnotic’ as he thinks, it’s actually quite dull, and works much better in the form of a short blog post. Many of the copywriting/sales techniques he uses get exhausting after a few pages. There’s no sale, or exciting product, just more boring chapters.

Structurally, the book roughly follows the timeline of the election, and tries to group together examples of powerful persuasion used by Trump (and Scott). Might be interesting for someone who is new to Scott’s theories, but for me, felt like a junk drawer of articles, tweets and padding.

I won’t say it’s a waste of money, since his original blog posts were fascinating (explaining Trump’s language, messaging and behavior during the primaries) — and I’m happy to throw a few dollars Scott’s way.

A few original thoughts scattered around, but nowhere near enough for this to be a decent read.

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