Assorted Links 2/10/17

Rewatching a few Curb Your Enthusiasm classics. Stumbled on this fantastic, sub 2 minute (NSFW) dinner party story. I’ll be collecting examples of short, memorable speeches, stories, anecdotes over on this youtube playlist.

No one gets hit harder than those football players. I wonder, if audiences love the sound of hits so much, why not use VR/AR/SFX to really really exaggerate them? What if sacks were a bit less physically brutal, but looked and felt more satisfying than a Mortal Kombat fatality or a WWE body slam? Would that reduce injuries or increase them?

Fascinating article on the gentrification of the web. We can’t rely on our heuristics to judge the value of something when everything looks great. This is the world we live in now (thanks designers) , when museums (and restaurants) optimize for Instagram. :(

Reading Developer Hegemony.

October 2, 2017