June 6, 2012

app idea #376

Tentative title: Giggle

I’m interested in the suggestions’ element of social music apps (Rdio, Pandora, Itunes Genius). This app idea refines that idea into a hacky, fun way to listen to bands you like. 

The idea: You start listening to Garbage (the band) and you get suggested two or maybe three bands. However it’s not based on the style of music, it will only suggest bands that have played with the current band at some point in time. Eg. the jezebels, brixton academy, June 2010.” 

It’s a fun way of narrowing your music tastes: not by genre or by a high-brow curator, but by real-life gig data, and the fact that the last two bands you listened to probably shared groupies and drank Heinekens together.

There’s heaps of extras, promotions and goodies that could get tied in. Myspace is probably still the best way to find out where your favourite band is playing, as well as newer sites like Songkick for tickets. The venues get a bit of exposure, and you could do stuff like update real life set-lists (the ultimate playlist in my opinion).

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