I’ve just finished watching seasons 2,3 & 4 of Dexter, yeah I was a bit late. I enjoyed my time spent, but I had a few problems with the series.

  1. Dexter is annoying (in his kind of drawling, autistic way) and only really lights up and is actually funny just before he kills someone.

  2. His wife Rita is the plainest, most annoying soccer mom i’ve ever witnessed on tv. The only dialogue she has is nagging, and she’s either valium happy, or crazy stressed and depressed. No emotional investment.

  3. The rest of the characters are stereotypical cops, Batista played by David Zayas is a shadow of his inmate killing spick don in OZ, and now wears outrageous hawaiin shirts. Everyone else is unmemorable apart from Deb who is probably the most likeable in her goofy way.

  4. Every episode get more and more similar. Dexter tries to kill someone and mucks it up, get in an argument with his ghost dad (who’s always hanging out with him), gets in a messaging fight with his wife, leaves work really early all the time even though he’s needed for a case, and then finally brutally murders someone and it goes back to normal. It seems Dexter is happiest when he’s drinking a cold brewsky and dumping a dead body off his boat at night.

Dexter (Seasons 2-4) 2/5

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August 19, 2010