March 30, 2009


Bang! This is really close to being finished. I’m in the middle of getting slayed by my Triptych project (i’m not that good with gouache), but I took a break, fixed my blog up and thought i’d post this version which has been sitting on my desktop for a while.

I decided to go with an earthy red and cream colour pallete as it’s the closest I thought to official native american indian colours. To make it from scratch was going to be too hard so I spent a bit of time tracing the spirit animals (6?) and some basic geometric tiling which is pretty common with indians. Then, once i layed down a  basic layout i could just slot everything in and then mess with the colours and beefing it up.

right at the last minute i decided to change the face in the middle to a simpler indian logo, the first one got too tricky with all the paths and didnt stand out much…

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89879541 I’m going to trace this bro and make him the main focal point, or the ‘spiritual centrepoint’ of my mandala. around him ill have his spirit animal
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91165212 love the paperclips.. via