I had a funny feeling when I heard Facebook bought Moves.

Why? Facebook throwing money at small development companies is not a new thing. Compared to the noise and sheer content that the Whatsapp story produced, the Moves acquisition hardly made a dent in my twitter feed. It was like being told your best friend was moving overseas at the end of a long rambling email about some person you didn’t know getting married.

I really don’t use that many apps, so the ones that I use and like, are that much more important to me.

Software is detached from its makers by design. We designers have stared at that Photoshop start screen thousands of times, yet probably never thought to reach out and thank, or even just talk to those credits’. We just use it, they look at usage stats, the app sits in between. 

It’s only recently that I’ve considered the people behind good software, as tech buys become mainstream news items and publishing breaks down geographical and corporate barriers.

So, Moves. You made an app that improved how I spent my day. I think a lot of other users would agree. That’s something to be really proud of, and I hope you’re happy with this outcome.

And for Facebook, well done?

Edit: Others have shared this sentiment.

May 5, 2014