**F*ck Unicorns**

Let me explain the stuff above.

Ideas come first because they’re the most important, that’s why the creatives keep their jobs. But technology needs to arrive at the party early,  because otherwise the idea gets too drunk and wanders off. Plus, they’re stronger if they work together. Technology can often restrain the idea (and talking to a technologist can often feel a bit smothering), but at the same time it can also convert a good idea to glittering french gold.

Same goes with design. It’s the tool that start and finishes the job, but just like any half-decent engineer knows, the sketch of the rocket ship you’re about to build will probably never be built (and fly to the moon) without the dude covered in grease with the spanner in his hand. You can’t stay in your Modernist tower and bark orders at the mechanics, you have to show them early plans, ask for advice and even get your own (pale, weak) hands dirty. The fun part is collaborating, not working alone like a sad robot.

The modern agency workflow is in constant flux, and right now I’m stuck somewhere in the middle. There’s been a lot of talk about Unicorns; mythic legends who can write smart copy and fix bugs, but that’s laregely unicornshit, and we all know it. For big wild-west agencies to produce magical stuff, they need smart and co-operative team players. That’s it.

Do something impossible, but do it with your friends.

June 17, 2013