Nothing puts photoshop’s abilities to the test like rap mixtape art.

I’m used to seeing an airbrushed lil wayne spilling purple drank and throwing cheesily clone-stamped cash money in the air. That’s standard issue. But this new one from Young Dro really lays it down.

5 Elements for mixtape design success:

Money: The more dead presidents, the better.

Luxury fashion brand: Louis, Gucci, Polo, whatever is relevant at the time (it changes rapidly). Anyway, Dro really likes Ralph Lauren.

Branding: Ralph Lauren = Polo = Horses

More branding: Every mixtape must have a car, it’s just a nice coincidence that the ferrari logo also features a horse.

Ho’s: Looks more like a mix between a playstation 2 rendering and photoshop disasters than a real human being, but you get the idea.

April 22, 2011