picture is the top 10 hottest digital agencies in australia

Just finished up yesterday at my first real internship’ (i really dislike this overused/american term). The guys I worked with were great, I got work through, I saw pitches, briefings, creative getting shot down, accounts get hammered, accounts and creative having beers with each other after a long week. I was given an all access pass to a digital agency, and I learnt a shit load. I’ll try and combine all the work I did into a little package.. over the few months i was there I did also find out that I really enjoy chinese brocolli drenched with oyster sauce, and the musical stylings of the wu tang clan & egyptian lover.

I’ve also gotten onto 30 rock (a bit late yeah i know).. live every week like it’s shark week”.

I’m doing the final proof for the mag on monday (Although hardly anyones seen it yet).

ive uploaded the pdf but theres still a few ads missing.. 97% - whatevr changes my publisher makes..

February 20, 2010