A photographer, Tong Sarin came into my work today and showed us his folio. All of a sudden there was this big crowd of us leaning over this dude’s folio, and my, what a folio it was. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen graduate work that was executed with this level of precision, and professional class. At some points the work started leaning towards straight ads, and then flipped over to a far left fine art piece. If I was a young commercial photographer out looking for work I would seriously rethink my game. This photo that i’ve posted of his for Kit Kat’s famous take a break’ line, looks cool right? Maybe a fair bit of retouching involved? Our resident retoucher asked how he achieved this particular look… Tong didn’t blink, just pulled out an ipad, flicked unlock and pressed play: a cued timelapse of him covering 9m of chicken mesh with paper mache, dirt and paint…

November 13, 2012