I’m not great at keeping habits. It’s more usual for me to get bored and try something else. One habit that I have kept, is saving images that I find on the web. Mario Hugo wrote a great article on the abundance of unnamed, anonymous’ images on the internet. I totally agree, there’s almost too much inspiration out there. Unlike books that give credit to the artists involved and a background to the images themselves, the internetz most of the time don’t.

Each month I saved on average about 120 images. My main sources were Behance, Graphic Exchange, various Folios of designers and of course the visual orgy that is FFFOUND.

Top 3 designers

Mario Hugo. Smart, often colourless, type heavy design.

Jasper Goodall. More of an Illustrator than a designer, but very big in 09.

Frank Chimero. Uses the internet to his advantage, and a workhorse.

Top 3 Studios

Non Format: Actually creating trends rather than following or tweaking like the rest of us monkeys.

Moving Brands: Not exactly a design agency, but they had a great online presence and some big campaigns this year.

Vault 49: These guys must really charm their clients because their work looks almost untampered with.

Top 3 magazines.


Creative Review

Eye Mag

Top 3 fonts.

Serif Gothic (Black)

Knockout (HF&J)

Whitney (HF&J)

I can’t say dragging yourself through the trenches of the internet is going to deliver you quicker to the big idea’, or a concept that will make you king of your class for a few weeks. Personally I’d rather cut it out of a magazine, and draw it out, the old school way. The biggest plus of dropping all this crap to your desktop is that you really can keep a close eye on what is happening right now in the world of graphic design.

Trends die out, grow, become outdated. One cat uses a font really well or a photohraphic technique in a campaign, and next thing you know every hapless designer with a pirated copy of Creative Suite is having a crack.

This is my top 25 for the year. These are images that have really made me think in a different direction. I wish I’d thought of that!”. There’s posters, packaging, street art, book covers, illustrations, still life, papergraphics you name it.


January 4, 2010

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