If you’ve visited a big Asian city in the last decade you would of noticed the shared style of outdoor advertising. Crisp, ultra hd Cinematic portraits loom over most pedestrian crossings and litter subways and malls. These images have been retouched in a way that has pushed them way past shes hot” or that’s cool”. They exist in their own vacuum sealed world of excellent world lifestyle” or some other Engrish description of utopia. So this ad for the new splash/shockproof dslr is totally Asian in that sense. No blokey, Australian humor in the copy, in fact the main line the beginning of the new. photography redefined’ takes up about 5% of the whole poster, which is unusual for outdoor ads. It’s completely serious, and character based: there’s actually a protagonist in this ad. In that way it kind of reminds me of a recent korean film poster. I wonder by running what looks like a global ad they’re targeting an Asian audience here in Melbourne. For me, I just like seeing a new style (even the typeface is kind of interesting$

August 4, 2012