I don’t like the idea that the eye in the sky knows exactly who I am and wants to sell me this now because I’m looking at this online, I think that’s kind of disgusting quite honestly. Dude , I’ll get there when I wanna get there. I don’t want you prying into what I’m watching. Oh, you’re reading grapes of wrath? We’ve got some wonderful grapes for sale!.”


Dan Weiden. Yes, Dan Weiden. CEO of Weiden + Kennedy, the agency network that hauled a swag of awards and totally dominated the ad industry (in terms of creativity) last year.

There definitely is a divide in opinion when it comes to digital advertising. Dan’s for interactive stuff like the Old Spice campaign (let’s not forget that this was selling bodywash) but against targeted facebook ads. I agree with him, I’d rather be spoken to in a funny, intelligent voice rather than a automated robot who is trying to be my friend, but both seek the same goal: me parting with my hard earned cash.


April 3, 2012