I remember when I was finishing my last year of High School in 2007, vector was king. It was all about huge, messy photo collages, blocked test (kerned to death), bright colours, and basically anything that you could trace into Illustrator and vectorize. My folio was a testament to this style, and predictably, looks like a joke now.

Ben O’brien, based in Cornwall, UK is responsible for these colossal, vector based universes. Ben the Illustrator is still churning out these candy coloured, pure vector pieces of design, and they look delicious. If you can do it well, they work, but other wise it has that feel of one of those websites that give out 10000+ awesome, totally trendy, vector patterns” and the like. Above is a nice take on the original donkey kong.

Final thought: I think freelancer’s who absolutely kill at a certain style, like Ben or Eboy (Huge Pixelated landscapes), will always lock down work. As they get a name for themselves they swing from massive client to client, who know what they’re about. So I guess If you want to get into Freelancing, you’ve either got to find a niche, or be some sort of ridiculous creative genius like Zawada who can art direct/film/design at the same time.

September 29, 2009