A new Matcha store opened on Broadway, near my office.

What a good name!

It’s not a true ‘positioning win (you can’t substitute cha cha for matcha, the commodity), but it’s very effective messaging and branding.

Following Frank’s words that work’ (powerful rhetoric) framework, I extracted a few attributes that, combined, create a very memorable business name.

• It’s simple

• Small words

• Repetition

• It’s a little novel and surprising

• It has musicality “a string of words that have the same first letter, the same sound, or the same syllabic cadence is more memorable that a random collection of sounds” (try not to repeat it in your head_)_

• It’s a little visual (they amplify this with their branding: palm trees and Caribbean pastel colours.

If they can really deliver a great experience on the inside, they’ve got a good chance of sticking around longer than the average trendy office worker spot (< 6 months 🤣 ).

July 31, 2017