Thought Bubbles’ - Experimental prototype


No accounts.

Users can record a 15 second max audio file. 

If they record over 15 seconds their bubble will pop and they need to start over.

Once they share their ‘bubble’ they gain access to a floating gallery of more bubbles (shared by other users). 

Popping a bubble releases the anonymous audio message. 

Once they finish listening, or cancel playback, they are returned to the ‘record message’ screen.

Edit: I’m making sure when I think of stuff, I quickly build it, and make it real. It doesn’t need to be in the app store, or even an app, it could be a blog post, quick diagram, keynote, pdf. The form doesn’t matter so much.

Ideas are the true currency of knowledge work, and these can be delivered in intermediate packets”— notes, outlines, drafts, prototypes—that emerge from short bursts of work.” - Thiego Forte

May 24, 2017