Screen cleaning wipes is an interesting product category.

Nothing comes to mind when I think of it. And personally, I buy lens cleaners (which work the same) - so there’s clearly a need’ thats not being directly met. So there’s a big opportunity to own that space.

But this is a big fail in terms of persuasion and positioning theory (my favourite toolkits for marketing messages). 

The goal would to be the ‘Kleenex’ of screen cleaning wipes. So your product name can be used to describe the generic item.

My First thought was ‘screenies’ or something like that. I’m sure you could think of something much more persuasive and memorable.

Spruce & Co, going by their website title is “Screen Cleaning Wipes and Natural Hand Sanitizer”. That’s another fail. They are weakening the perception of who they are by including other cleaning products. Maybe they will start doing organic juice next! 

*** if there was one redeeming thing about this product, I’d keep the little faces - they’re cute.

Unfortunately, This rule is commonly ignored — An example would be Levis. Levis do jeans. They are jeans. You can use the word to replace the item and it means the same thing. If Levis decided to pursue the ‘eyewear’ market (which they probably have), they’d be better off by (ignoring their ego) and using a totally new name for their sunglasses. 

Also, a product name that I DO like is - wait for it

Megpies - Natural, artisan tarts

Boom. That ticks all the boxes. Simple, memorable and a unique spin on a product. If you described to a friend “pop tarts but healthy” thats immediately understood and liked socially, so there’s very little barrier to accepting it (and moving towards purchase).

One point I would add is the logo on the packaging is quite small and cursive, and i misread it for ‘magpies’ — so I’d probably fix that up!

March 9, 2017