I noticed an interesting, persuasive word this morning: consider’. Consider is different than buy’, shop’, visit’ or any other verb you might expect in an advertisement. I’ve never seen it used by a copywriter before.

Successful marketers understand that not everyone will instantly buy their product. That’s improbable, and delusional. But they would like you to remember it, and consider buying it at some point in the future, perhaps instead of another similar product.

And generally speaking, humans are more likely buy stuff they’re familiar with, they like, or that sounds interesting.

Working with those insights, successful marketers, designers, strategists and writers aim to produce widely appealing materials and put them everywhere.” That’s ads.

That’s pretty much it.

Next time you see an advertisement for a product or service, imagine the word ‘consider’ first, and you’ll see this is a universal rule. 

Consider a vacation to Iceland. Consider drinking kombucha. Consider signing up for Amazon Prime. Consider all natural deodorant. 

Just consider it, that’s all I’m asking. It’s hard to disagree with that, isn’t it?

May 20, 2016