I’ve been trying to curate the creative output of u.s agencies (for myself) just to get my head around the best work/best agencies. This chart looks to have done all the hard work for me. This is obviouslly skewed towards awarded output, rather than solely creative output, but I’ve heard advertising awards aren’t life and death. They’re much more important than that.”

From what I’ve seen/worked out, when a good, solid integrated campaign drops, most people will know. It’s not divisive like an album or new tv show, and most likely it will be predicted to win big, and will win big. eg. Nike’s Write the future. Great, simple campaign, heaps of buzz, and later goes ahead and storms the awards. 2011, year of Wieden Kennedy. Predictable yeah, but also nice to see that good work doesn’t go unnoticed, at least in the big league anyway.

December 7, 2011