Early on this year, around march, I decided I wanted a new york state drivers license. If you’ve lived here longer than three months, you can’t drive without one. 

The process took a lot longer than expected. To get it, I sat a written test to get my learners, a five hour seminar about road safety, drove around chinatown with a teacher who didn’t speak english (but still shouted at me) and finally a road test in Red Hook. Getting this piece of plastic with my name on it became a really important mission for me.

Why? I can’t really say. But passing the test made me incredibly happy. 

I think the license is a physical commitment / dedication to new york, to my life, and how I apply myself to anything. It’s a small antidote to life in foreign country on a visa.

Find your drivers license, whatever that is  – go after it, get it.

June 25, 2015