May 25, 2009


Blog round up: May Edition. Our teachers are always telling us to find stuff that inspires us but more importantly things we associate with ourselves or can see ourselves doing. this is a small selection of design that i’ve found this month and liked.

So far as daily design blogs, Lovely Package and Brand New have been regular favourites. Some artists i’ve discovered: zbcool, ilk?, super espresso, and magtastic.

also: hypebeast, and lifelounge are good to have on a feed reader cos they constantly pump out content ranging from day to day coverage of the Air Yeezys to the best waterfall pictures ever..

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112931895 digital alchemy. gone for a gothic horror snow scene kind of thing. the body is just temp cos i had no internet to get found photos
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113137144 today when i was finishing off digital alchemy i started slotting in all these horror movie references, joel was talking about that shit in  the