If you have something that you’re really good at… go after these young startups that don’t have that person, and offer your services. There’s other ways for you to get involved, it doesn’t have to be with big cheques.

Kevin Rose pointing out an alternative way to get involved. This is an interesting way to frame a job hunt. 

Thinking back to some of my first design’ jobs, I used to do something similar. I would redesign  antiquated menus of local restaurants, or make new flyers promoting nights I was drinking at local bars.

Most of the time my offers’ were either not good enough, or there was no money for, but they were always appreciated and gave me a better idea of where I could fit in (and get paid).

  1. Get really good at something that you love spending your time doing.

  2. Offer that skill to someplace or someone who you think needs it.

Either you’re not experienced enough for the position, or the place isn’t right for you. Mix and match until you find a good fit.


November 29, 2014