In the middle of my shitty weekend (got no money, can’t party), I visited my local supermarket and had a cheeky look thru the confectionary aisle. I don’t really eat lollies at all or chocolate I’m just not that into them. Anyway I was thinking

  1. fisherman’s friend. I remembered it to be ancient packaging but actually looking at again I think there’s a reason that the package hasn’t changed for 70 years; it fucking kills. solid colours, big badass fishing boat etc i’m leaving that alone.

  2. redskins._“Redskin packaging formerly featured an image of a Native American wearing a traditional headdress. This was replaced in the late 1990s by a more neutral red character.”_ Wonka beat me to it.

Then, just before i left, I saw right in the middle of the black and gold sections (no name rip offs of more popular expensive brands) was Black Cats’. I’m not even sure if it was competing/ripping off anything cos i’d never heard of it. It was like some insane creation from deep within the black and gold factories and everybody had forgotten about it. who the fuck would buy these? so yeah i think ill basically keep the black and gold colours and the name and start over!

May 2, 2009