50 Cent dubbed with Jehovah’s Witnesses want Deaf People to Stop Masturbating (original) (by TehMightyJackal)

I’ll use this of the moment’ video to explain something about youtube and the internet in general. If someone uploads a video of something that offends you or that directly makes fun of you, don’t ask for it to be removed. Just like the legendary war of tom cruise and the church of scientology vs 4chan, you will always lose. In fact, removing a clip will have the reverse intended effect. The clip will have more attention than it probably would have if you just ignored it.

Even amazing, groundbreaking uploads like Red Bull’s Stratos project are only really hot’ for a few days. My point: people lose interest very quickly, so don’t give them an oppurtunity to stay interested.

Anyway, looks like Jehovas Witnesses’ lose this round.

Same goes with music tracks: yeah, in a perfect world your track would be available to stream in one place: and monetized through the teeth (eg. Vevo model), but that’s impossible, so leave it alone. If your track is good, it will spread and you will get famous.

October 31, 2012