You crazy Koreans! Tesco has made a virtual store which is basically just a long screen in a subway, that has all the everyday supermarket items printed on. You scan the item on your smartphone, and payment+delivery is instant. If you think about it, supermarkets are just a strange, clumsy middleground between a wharehouse and a street market. In a street market it made sense to be there in person, because you’re looking for the best produce and often bartering with the baker/butcher. Supermarkets (to me anyway) are a depressing, vast store full of a large quantity of food, and I think this idea cuts right through that. There’s still the metaphor of shopping’ and picking and choosing which people love, but without piles of food sitting in piles which everyone are grabbing at… Imagine if amazon started doing this with book on the street, or itunes did it with the top 20 singles.. Maybe in the future there will be no shopping bags for long life items, you just preview and pick stuff on displays in the street and it gets delivered to your home.

Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store (Movie) (by majedhs1417)

June 23, 2011